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Recent Jobs

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JOB SUMMARY We are looking for a self motivated, strong-willed oriented individual to help with decontaminating theft recovery vehicles and restoring residential and/or commercial properties from biohazard and illicit drug contamination. This is not your ordinary cleaning job. There is no room for error!REQUIERMENTS• 3 Years’ Experience working with a professional cleaning / detailing company• Must have valid driver’s license • Clean criminal record. • High level of tolerance for Bio-Hazards• Ability to work in PPE• Must have a passion for excellence, organized and meticulous• Positive attitude with strong work ethic with the ability to lift 50+ pounds. • Willingness to lead by example and work safely

  2 OndeWorkers

Looking for a couple labourers to help with Tarping after a concrete pour and after the forms have been stripped. Also, will include general site cleanup and moving heaters around. workers will be expected to provide their own steel toed boots, other ppe will be provided.

  1 OndeWorker

This project involves: Moving of Equipment, Sorting of Items & Equipment, Cleaning & Waste Handling, Setting up shelves. Employee must dress warm as 50% of the work will be outside, the employee must bring steal toes. Please bring a lunch and water with you as there is no establishments to eat at near by, we do have a microwave on site. Start time is 10AM , finish is 5PM.

  2 OndeWorkers

RESIDENTIAL SIDING PROJECT Duties will include:-Supervised pump-jack scaffolding set up and take down-Material handling and staging-Demolition (siding removal)-Supervised and instructed siding installation. -all specialty equipment is provided,-PPE is required as well as tool belt with tape measure, smooth faced hammer and utility knife. $250 Cash bonus upon 5 day job completion.

How Does It Work?

Try an OndeWorker before hiring them. Get immediate help while evaluating their skills and experience.


Create Your Job Post

Create Your Job Post

Register your email and create your job post.


Select Number of Workers

Select Number of Workers

Select the number of workers needed.


Choose Wage

Choose Wage

Choose a competitive wage for your workers.


Pre-Authorize Payment

Pre-Authorize Payment

Your funds are put on hold until your Job start date.


Job Is Reviewed

Job Post is Reviewed

Your Job post is reviewed by an OndeWork team member.


Workers Get Notified

Workers Get Notified

Workers are notified about your Job details.


Workers Accept Shifts

Workers Accept Shifts

Workers respond to your Job and accept shifts.


Welcome Your Workers

Welcome Your Workers

Workers arrive on your Job site, ready to work.


You Approve Work

You Approve Work

You approve the work completed by each worker and they get paid.


Helping low-skilled workers upskill and find full-time or part-time employment with great companies looking to grow.

Providing individuals with an easy way to find work


Try OndeWorkers before making a permanent hiring decision.

Providing Onde workers with an easy path to increase their value by upgrading their skills

Upskilling low-skilled workers.

Do you need low-skilled workers? Are you looking to grow your team by finding people your company can train and promote? Posting job ads, waiting for responses, reviewing resumes and conducting interviews will drain time and resources from your business. Using a third-party recruitment or staffing agency is an expensive short-term option for a long-term problem.

On-demand workers are the new way to grow your team. Try an OndeWorker within 24 hours and pay as you use them. There are no hidden fees, costs or contracts to sign.

If you want to grow your business by finding people you can train and promote, try today.

OndeWork is a new way to grow your team using on-demand workers

Not a job board. Not an agency.

Using a job board means more work for your team. Posting job ads, waiting for responses, reviewing resumes and conducting interviews takes time and money. Try an OndeWorker that matches your criteria in 24 hours.

Using a temp or staffing agency means expensive hourly rates, contracts and buyout fees if you want to hire a worker and add them to your team. Try an OndeWorker; if you like them, hire them at no cost.

Using means your business can quickly hire workers to complete projects and tasks while evaluating their skills and experience. Your company can continue to use OndeWorkers until it finds the best candidates that would make great team members.


On-demand help refers to individuals who are engaged in short-term temporary and casual work tasks and who are not on the payroll of a specific company. Individuals working temporary or casual jobs may be looking to subsidize their regular income or earn income between full-time job positions.

Jobs can include:

  • General construction site help
  • Seasonal trade work (landscaping, snow removal, etc.)
  • Abatement, demolition and cleaning
  • Facility maintenance
  • Warehousing and inventory assistance
  • And many other general labour opportunties...

Every OndeWorker who accepts a job is considered a temporary or non-permanent worker. This means that a Job Owner is responsible for:

  • Work or project schedules and number of hours
  • Workplace location
  • The assignment of specific job tasks
  • Providing the equipment or tools needed to complete the work
  • Training and management of job tasks
  • Safety and protection while working on job tasks

This also means that an OndeWorker is responsible for:

  • Completing the job tasks required to be paid
  • Being responsible for the quality and care of job tasks being completed
  • Paying their taxes and other related costs

At any time, a Job Owner can offer to employ or add an OndeWorker to their company payroll as a full-time or part-time employee with no costs or payout penalties.

Each OndeWorker that accepts a job is covered by the workers' compensation insurance policy of the Job Owner.

As temporary and casual workers (also referred to as seasonal or non-permanent workers) are working for a Job Owner under their respective safety programs and/or management, they are covered under their policy. When an Job Owner posts a job, OndeWork interviews them to ensure they have worker's compensation coverage and safety guidelines that they follow for their employed staff which temporary and casual workers would be required to adhere to as well.

Safety is of utmost importance for temporary and casual workers that we hope become permanent team members for a Job Owner.

Job Owners are provided access to the annual earnings for any OndeWork they use for reporting purposes.

We use Stripe as our payment provider. You can learn more about them here:

When a job is posted, the Job Owner will pre-pay the cost via a credit card. Once the job is completed, funds are released to the OndeWorker(s), and a receipt is automatically emailed to the Job Owner.

If a job is not filled or responded to by OndeWorkers, the Job Owner is refunded 100% with no questions asked or fees deducted.

At any time, a Job Owner can cancel the future shifts for a job and receive a full refund for those shifts.

Should any disagreement or conflicts arise during a shift on a job, the Job Owner can open a dispute, and funds will be held until the dispute is resolved by both the worker and the Job Owner.

An OndeWorker can open a dispute for any active shifts, and funds will be held until the dispute is resolved.

Our support team can help with any disputes, payment, or refund issues.

If you post a job and there are no OndeWorkers interested in accepting your job, your job will be cancelled and the hold will be removed from your credit card.